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Our mission
Our vision


“Our strength is our collective! ”

Rooted in the heart of the vineyards of the South-West, EVV is a company that has been supporting wine industry players through the expertise of its teams of vineyard technicians, oenologists and specialists in packaging and bottling for over 30 years.
In a rapidly changing industry, our role is to support winegrowers daily to help them move forward with their projects, while respecting their specifications and economic constraints.
We are committed to developing innovative services, strengthening our responsiveness and proximity through our network of professional shops. We are attentive to both markets and consumer expectations to enable our customers to be competitive and promote sustainable viticulture.

Our vision

To be the benchmark for the transformation of the wine industry in the South-West, in a context of agricultural transition.

Our mission

Supporting vineyards by combining the best product and service solutions with a global vision of their production and local technical expertise.

Our aims

The fulfilment of the company’s mission in line with its vision is reflected
in 5 concrete objectives which form the foundations of the strategic plan.


Support winegrowers in reducing inputs and implementing alternative practices in the vineyard, aware of the relevant societal and environmental issues.


Improve the competitiveness of services and activities and better enhance the value of winegrowers’ production through a comprehensive range of advice and agricultural supplies linking land, vine and wine.

Local approach

Strengthen responsiveness and proximity for the distribution of the different wine ranges with the aim of continuously improving customer satisfaction.


Innovate and diversify to keep abreast of changes in wine production and consumer expectations.


Make human capital an asset in its own right by capitalising on the skills, experience and knowledge of the teams.

Our history

1991 Cooperation with Coopaso.
1997 Development of the oenology activity.
2000 Development of wine conditioning activities
2007 Refocusing on vineyards, oenology and conditioning activities
2015 Creation of the “pro store” and “producers’ table” sections
2018 Acceleration of offers reducing inputs and development of innovative technologies
2021 Creation of EVV, coming from the Euralis cooperative group, to concentrate on vine and wine activities with a view to focusing on the wine industry’s expectations

Our areas of experimentation
and innovation

Our motto

To accompany the change for our winegrowers and winemakers in this agro-ecological transition to continue supporting our activity and identity.

A commitment rooted in our history

  • For the past 10 years, we have been leading a group of winegrowers to experiment with new practices.
  • Continuous support from vine to wine bottle.
  • Technical expertise at all levels and synergy of our business activities.
  • Proposals for pragmatic and effective solutions that can be directly implemented on your vineyards.

In the vineyard

At the winery

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