Jointly defining
the product profile for your wine

Jointly defining
the product profile for your wine

Benefit from the expertise of our consultant oenologists and laboratory for producing your wines.

Our offers

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Oenological products and cellar materials


Oenological consulting services

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Oenological analysis laboratory

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What we do

Consulting oenologists to work with you in developing the wine profile you require

Our consultant oenologists rely on the expertise of the oenological analysis laboratory and offer you follow-up during all the wine making stages: from harvest to preparation of the wines for bottling. This customised support is shaped for your project, the requirements of the appellation specifications and the wishes of your buyers.

Oenological advice and audits

Oenological products and cellar materials


Oenological products and cellar materials

Find the most efficient oenological products and cellar equipment. They are selected in conjunction with our consulting oenologists to guarantee the total integrity of our offer with the best quality/price ratio

Oenological advice and audits

Work with our oenologists to control the maturity of your grapes and your harvest dates, the stages of wine making, maturing and preparation of the wines for bottling to ensure your project achieves the corresponding quality.

Oenological analyses

Capitalize on monitoring and quality control for all stages of wine making, from grape to bottle. Our oenological laboratory is at your service to carry out your analyses (current, official or specific, such as microbiological analyses).

Our team of consultant oenologists

Marie-Noelle BLAY

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Each vintage increasingly requires us to adapt and be on constant technical alert in supporting our winegrowers and helping them express the best of their terroir.


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He who knows how to taste never just drinks wine again, but partakes of its refined secrets (Salvador Dali)

Estelle DESSUP

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Our role is to translate consumer expectations and create the wine profiles of today and tomorrow alongside the winemakers!

Sébastien ETIENNE

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Today’s oenology will certainly not be tomorrow’s; the human aspect, listening, questioning and rigour are my main driving forces on a daily basis

Fabien FAGET

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Building a loyal and trusting relationship with the winegrower


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#Connection with nature

A glass of wine every morning means one crown less for the doctor

Patricia GUERY

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Irrespective of the label, the main thing is the content. Don’t be too quick to judge!


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The meaning of life is to find your gifts. The purpose of life is to give them to others (Picasso).


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Propose the oenological processes and tools best suited to the needs of winegrowers to support them in their projects.

Jean-Louis VINOLO

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Harvest the day before they wither …